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Supertech oils are often debated, but the consensus always seems to be that they are often the best of the low cost options. The best synthetic oil that i’ve encountered is, without a doubt, the mobil 1 brand.

Is Costco's Kirkland Motor Oil Safe for Your Car? Let's

This is very likely an expensive, but great, diesel engine oil!


Super tech gear oil review. Super tech synthetic motor oil is approved by dexos. However, that is not the case, and in fact, supertech motor oil complies with all the government’s standards and requirements, ensuring that it is of the highest quality. I've used supertech synthetic gear oil in the front and rear diffs of my truck with no issues so far.

Because it maintains all the standard quality performance according to government guidelines and regulations. I'm not a advocate of valvoline myself but do realize it's as good as anything else out there in it's class. Since the additive package is so expensive, i’ll also bet this oil is a full synthetic.

Super tech gear lube oil. If you look up supertech full synthetic youtube reviews you will find it is a high quality oil. Oil provides the necessary lubrication for the car’s components to let the engine live smoothly.

Since i do the 3k mile oil changes of dino oil, i do use it in my crankcase. Oils of the same quality as this are considered premium in quality and are often twice or even sometimes thrice when it comes to the price. I sent samples of the oil from my oil change at 12,765 miles and the one.

Long story short i hit a curve and ruined my rear differential on my 2002 lt. Though super tech oil ensures its quality. There's lots of info about warren and super tech gear oil online.

It is considered america’s largest lubricant producer, and that is why. 4 teraflex springs w/ re monotube shocks and iro short arms, cheap intake w/ amsoil filter, 2.5 hi flow cat and. Let’s tie it all together.

Their motor oil may be made my mobile, but i dont think their gear oil is. So if you ask “who makes supertech oil” warren oil company international is the manufacturer. 2003 wj in jeep green metallic, 4.0/242/4.10's.

Recall that really high detergent diesel Super tech is a solid motor oil. I've used it, i like it, it's decent gear oil.

I don't notice any performance difference between the supertech, and the amsoil severe gear and mobil 1 iterations that preceded it. 238k miles on the truck. Supertech oil is a popular brand and has been widely recommended by mechanics.

But i'd be happier if you were right! Not only that super tech is the cheapest among all other brands. This is the best diesel oil in our comparison, but don’t use it in passenger cars or light duty diesels.

I've never put anything but supertech in my car, family member's cars, friend's cars, girlfriend's cars, etc. If you are going to use super tech from wal mart, why not use the super tech lower unit oil. Yeah, i'll betcha it's a normal oil manufacturer that makes it for them.

Do not use synthetic gear lubricants. Supertech oil is probably one of the cheapest motor oils available on the market, because of which people are concerned that it may not be of top quality. With fresh synthetics in the diff's, i doubt they really ever need changing again unless i cross high water.

I have 1992 geo prizm that i've had for 5 years and now has 173,000 miles on it, i've used super tech oil in since i've owned it and never had a bit of trouble, it gets changed every 3000 miles i started using 10w30 but with the high mileage i switched it to 10w40, it never uses any between changes, i think its some good oil I'm going to put it in tomorrow but wondering about the gear oil. I just picked some up (it will last me a lifetime) and will give it a try.

Is supertech synthetic oil dexos approved? Went to the junk yard and got one off a 2004 ls. Been using st full synthetic since the 90's on extended oil drains, i mean 15k oil changes with a filter at 7500, in cars with turbos as well as conventional.

North of the 49th parallel. Discussion starter · #1 · apr 16, 2008. I used to use it in my 1976 johnson 70 hp outboard.

Your rear axles, steering gear boxes and differentials will thank you. Probably gonna give the oil a try too now that i know they make synthetic. Today, we are going for supertech oil review as it is the popular brand in this era.

It is not properly marketed hence, you may miss an opportunity to experience the great value; It is also the most expensive, so users may have to consider for themselves if the cost is worth while for their needs. However, it is funny that despite it being on high demand, the company manages to maintain its affordability.

Oil 20 has the most additive of any oil we’ve seen. Supertech oil is regarded as the best brand over other brands. It's easy to look up the meaning of full synthetic.

When i got my newer 115hp mariner i switched to the more expensive brand name oil and after 1 year i. If you're on the fence, just get the good stuff, because it's not worth a few bucks on cheap fluids when it means the health of your vehicle. Super tech synthetic oil vs mobil 1:

I haven't had any personal experience though, so i'm not of much help! I now have nearly 13k miles on it and it's been through a total of two oil changes.

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