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Once your pit has reached temperature place the ribs on, place the probe in. Making pulled pork and using the fireboard cloud connected smart thermometer.

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Part of the advantage of pellet smokers (especially the rec tec 700) is the precise temperature control.


Rec tec grill recipes. Smokey charred grilled asparagus topped with sweet roasted red peppers, feta and kalamata olives marinated in a tasty balsamic marinade; Estimated time to cook 8 hours at 275f. I have found some traeger and camp chef recipes that were really helpful.

Choose a fruit wood or hardwood combination of your choice. Your rec tec grill is designed to reach temperatures in excess of 400f (max 500f). This smoked pork butt is a hit for any occasion when you need to feed a small or large crowd.

Smoking a pork butt on the rec tec 700 pellet smoker is super easy, but more importantly it makes the most tender and delicious pulled pork sandwiches you can serve to your friends and family. Purchasing a rec tec grill can be a big investment. This will help keep moisture in the cooking chamber.

Preheat the grill to the desired temperature for an even cooking, and then place the chicken on your grill. This whiskey peach smoked pulled chicken could likely win an award for the most flavorful, succulent, melt in your mouth smoked chicken that ever was. Set the temperature at 250°f and setup the smoker for indirect cooking.

Even hitting the ideal temperature is. We welcome all rec teq owners, both new and old, veterans and newbies to smoking to discuss and share their experiences with their rec teq smokers. After preheating for 8 and ½ minutes put chicken it the center of the grillgrates.

Grilled asparagus with marinated roasted red peppers, feta and kalamata olives recipe : After 15 minutes check skin to see it there are grill marks. View the full recipe at rectecgrills.com.

The hardest part is probably lifting the bag of pellets so you could dump them in the hopper. Once you set a specific temperature, it won’t deviate from that unless you change it yourself. Rec tec recipes on the app are ok but i have found lots of other recipes out there that were better, some posted by end users of these grills and many on the other pellet grill manufactures sites.

This grill also features rec tec’s wifi technology, so you can manage and monitor your grill from afar. Place a water pan below your meat if you smoker allows, or place a pan of water to the side of your smoker, away from the chimney. This rec tec grill practically does all the work for you.

And set a timer for 15 minutes. Honestly, i’m not much of a pro “griller”. The cooking chamber is made entirely of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about peeling paint or inferior materials falling apart.

The perfect side or salad for summer grilling! Welcome to rec teq forum rec teq forum is an unofficial fan site forum for owners of the ever popular rec teq pellet grills. Can you see, touch the grills and visit the rec tec facotry outlet before purchasing?

That’s one skill i’m yet to develop but this grill made me an expert without even trying! Here’s a list of all the delicious food i made, thanks to idiotproof features of rec tec: Recipes to make on your rec tech:

Although you can cook without preheating, the result won’t be as delicious. Your rec tec grill however is built for smoking and grilling, which is why it has such a high temperature range. But, even if the bag is too heavy you can use a scoop.

Smoked pork butt on the rec tec 700 pellet smoker. Injected with peach juice, whiskey, and melted butter then slow smoked over peach wood, you can taste the love in every single bite. Check ambient or air temperature inside the grill and it should be 500 f.

3/4 cup brown sugar1/4 cup paprika1tbs onion powder1tbs garlic powder1/2tbs chili powder1/2tbs cayenne1tbs salt1/2tbs pepper. I am anticipating this grill. Rec tec also uses smart grill technology, which maintains the same temperature throughout the cooking process.

So in terms of temperature range, rec tec is one step ahead of traeger as it can maintain a high temperature in the grill. From what i've read, i don't think i would be able to make summer sausage or snack sticks on the rec tec due to not being able to start out at the low temps i use for that (start at 130 and end at 170).

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Pin on Rec Tec Grill recipes

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Pin on Rec Tec Grill recipes

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Pin on rec tec grill recipes

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Pin on rec tec grill recipes

Pin on Rec Tec Grill recipes

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