Kobalt Quiet Tech Air Compressor Reviews


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The dual piston pump of kobalt’s quiet tech air compressor fills the tanks in no time. I just use it for running impacts and air ratchets.

Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3Gallon portable Quiet air

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And also can be used for some lightweight pin nailing and finishing jobs.


Kobalt quiet tech air compressor reviews. Priced at $199.00, the kobalt quiet tech air compressor has a lot going for it and pretty much nothing to complain about. 25 questions, problems, missing parts? Plugs into standard 120 volt or 12 volt power outlet.

The tank can hold 4.3 gallons of air, which is a fair amount for such a small footprint. A kobalt air compressor provides you with a portable and constant source of power. Then using air tools pressure dropped well below the 120psi kick.

And no droplets of oil contaminating the output air. Kobalt 120v & 12v portable air compressor inflator tire pump nozzle needles. Personally, i love twin tank designs because they take up much less space since they are on top of each other.

This should be clearly marked on the. Kobalt® and the k design® are registered trademarks of lf, llc. Compressor builds pressure but trips reset button on motor.

It worked grest for the first couple of uses and then. I bought a kobalt compressor for the occasional job use. Save your money and buy a real compressor or a knock off no name.

That one will probably run a lot with a da or constant grinder use, but those use a ton of air, the bigger tank helps. The wheels and handle make it easy to move around. If your kobalt needs some work, you can post a question at the end of the page to ask for some help.

You can also use it in your garage to blow away dust and debris. Should be enough for home use for most guys, if it was a production shop i would be looking at something different. Comments about kobalt kobalt air compressor:

The dual pumps fill the tanks faster and cut down on motor run time. This compressor is incredibly quiet compared to every other compressor i have heard previously. It has a plenum motor characteristics 2 pumps and runs quietly for much peaceable work.

Avoid use of extension cords. Got it home, turned it on, nice and quiet, built up to the max 150psi in about 5 minutes. Perfect size to keep in your car, quickly inflates items like car, bike, atv tires, air mattresses, pool floats.

I have a 20 gallon standing kobalt air compressor, it vwill run for about three to. Length 1.7 2.8 125 psi 95 psi 2 gallon 120 / 5.7 / 60 pump motor 3/4 hp oil free, direct drive, single stage. Their ratchet wrenches are pretty good as well, and most of the kobalt tools are manufactured in taiwan who is a renowned name for making very good tools.

You can see the questions and the responses below. Kobalt designed this compressor with a twin tank. On this page visitors have added a bunch of kobalt air compressor troubleshooting questions.

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