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Baobab soup / miyar kuka. Miyan Kuka Recipe – African Food. Miyan Kuka is one the simplest northern soups, this soup is made using dried baobab leaves, the leaves are usually sun dried and then grind into powder consistency. Miyan means Soup in Hausa while Kuka means baobab leaves.

Baobab soup / miyar kuka Miyar kuka or miyan kuka, also known as Luru soup is a type of Nigerian dish from the northern part of Nigeria. It is also popular in Northern Ghana and Zongo communities in Ghana. The soup is made from powdered baobab leaves and dried okra. You can cook Baobab soup / miyar kuka using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Baobab soup / miyar kuka

  1. You need of Nama, albasa.
  2. You need of Attarugu, ruwa.
  3. Prepare of Gishiri, maggie.
  4. Prepare of Nut meg, daddawa.
  5. Prepare of Tafarnuwa, citta, kuka.

It is usually served with tuwo shinkafa, dawa or tuo zaafi. Miyan Kuka (Also referred to as Luru Soup) is a northern staple. You can find Baobab trees everywhere in the Northern part of Nigeria and Northerners use the dried leaves of the tree to make this delicious soup. It is a true northern delicacy which makes grown men sit on the floor to eat and lick.

Baobab soup / miyar kuka instructions

  1. Fyazil's cuisines* *MIYAR KUKA/ BAOBAB SOUP* Dafarko na wanke danyar nama, na daura tukunya akan wuta na zuba nama, ruwa, maggie, gishiri kadan, albasa na rufe na bari ya tafasa sosai namar ta dahu saina bude na kara ruwa akai dai dai yawan miyar da nakeso, na jajjaga attarugu, citta, daddawa, da tafarnuwa na zuba, sai Maggie star da knorr, Onga classic, da nut meg. Na rufe nabari yadan tafasa saina kada kuka, da yadan yi saina sauke. NOTE Ki kula kada ki cika Maggie da gishiri a miyar ki,.
  2. Da gishiri a miyar ki, idan kin lura nasa Maggie da gishiri lokacin da zan dafa nama kuma akan ruwan namar na kara ruwan miya. ruwan namar na dauke da Maggie da gishiri siyasa bansake sa wata gishiri ba nasa Maggie da Onga. In kinaso kisake sa gishiri toh kiyi ahankali kada ki cika ta Nafi amfani da Maggie star, maggie knorr, Onga classic a duk lokacin da zanyi miyar kuka sunfi min dadi Idan bakyason tafarnuwa sai kiyi babu shi Kici miyar ki da duk irin tuken da kikeso Naci miyar kukata da.
  3. Tuken semo da man shanu da yajin daddawa da. Idan kina dasu sai kiyi using *fyazil's tasty bites* *IG_fyazilmkyari_007*.

Miyan means Soup in Hausa while Kuka means baobab leaves in English. Miyan kuka is made using dried baobab leaves; the leaves are usually sun Miyan kuka has a greenish look once its prepared, but you can add a little bit of palm oil to it to brighten the look. Despite the greenish colour of this soup. Miyan Kuka is a popular soup that is usually eaten in the Northern part of Nigeria. This soup is made with dark green powder sold in Northern markets or by Hausa traders in the Southern markets.

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